Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bjork: Bachelorette and Nanotech Cancer Killers

God personally warns republican evangelical televangelist Pat Robertson of terrorist attack that will produce 'mass killing' of Americans late in 2007.

New AIDS drug shows phenomenal results and promise for inhibiting the HIV virus and should be FDA approved by mid-2007.

UFO crashes in South Africa.

The crusade against religion incorporates foot soldiers Digg and YouTube for powering and promoting Atheism 2.0.

Hot Web Cam Babe StrippingShameless Self-promotion: Most often viewed Bonez post NSFW video of webcam girl relentlessly teasing. I found out her name is Keyra Augustina and not "hottest ass on the net". Embarrassing.

"... three years ago, when Ashley began to display early signs of puberty, her parents instructed doctors to remove her uterus, appendix and still-forming breasts, then treat her with high doses of oestrogen to stunt her growth. In other words, Ashley was sterilised and frozen in time, for ever to remain a child. She was only 6."

Remotely Activated Nanoparticles destroy cancer. Targeted nanotech-based treatments will enter clinical trials in 2007.

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