Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cornelius: Fit Song and the 100 Most Annoying Things of 2006

Interesting Wired interview with Buzz Aldrin on his moon experiences and the future of missions to Mars.

President George W. Bush continued to be an asshole dictator wannabe saying, "I'm the decision-maker" like some little spoiled brat when opposed on the Iraq troop levels being increased by 21,500. He then challenged lawmakers to come up with a better plan or shut the hell up.'s December 2006 Girl Next Door Stacie.

Men arrested for murdering women to make them ghost brides.

High definition DVD brings the real ugliness of porn, like razor burn, zits, cellulite, wrinkles and bad skin into sharper perspective for viewers.

Nicole Kidman almost killed by rampaging zombies.

Israel building a massive war bunker in the hills around Jerusalem as a refuge for top government officials in the event of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

retroCRUSH presents the 100 most annoying things about 2006 as a hilarious send off of the year that was.

Keeley HazellHollywoodtuna gives us a good dose of the beautiful Keeley Hazell.

Cool optical illusion in a newspaper photo of the Pope sprouting devil horns. Sorry, but this Pope has always kind of freaked me out with his evil looks.

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