Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Evil Dead Mashup and Amature Thong Babe Dancing

Child murderer haunted by serial killer's ghost.

Amsterdam to erect (no pun intended) statue in honor of prostitutes.

Danielle LloydDanielle Lloyd on

St. Pete's battle against the homeless gets nasty as cops use box cutters to slash their tents to pieces (video).

Fox's 24 takes heat from complaining Muslims that they are portrayed as terrorists on the show. Tough shit.

Playing video games can satisfy deep psychological needs and improve people's well-being.

Amazing three dimensional wall paintings.

Might the Google Switch be the iPhone killer?

President George W. Bush's limits on federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research have blocked potential medical breakthroughs.

Can red wine help you live forever? Resveratrol may slow aging.

April ScottApril Scott lingerie pictures on Popoholic.

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