Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fractals and Full Moon Madness

High doses of folic acid sets back the effects of aging on the brain by five years.

New high altitude blimp will be another Big Brother spy toy to invade your privacy.

Daily Real WomenNew blog graphically chronicles real women daily. They may be something different than the accepted norm for sensual beauty.

Some very compelling reasons to become vegetarian is presented by Boing Boing staff concerning the horrors and grossness of factory pig farms.

The most popular science myths.

Download an mp3 sound file that stimulates you like caffeine. Is it addictive?

Lose yourself for a few hours studying the mystery of consciousness.

The ten most bizarre people on Earth.

Pre-Columbian ruins discovered in Peru. What new revelations await?

Abi TitmussTake a look-see at English hottie Abi Titmuss.

Scientists finally admit that the moon influences human behavior.

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