Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LOTR Loreena McKennitt Mummer's Dance and Nazi UFOs

Nazi UFO secrets surface through new documentation, out of print books and eye witness accounts.

Isn't it Damn Interesting that Max Headroom took over Chicago's WGN News Network on 22 November 1987 and had his bare bottom spanked?

Wickedly sexy Eva Mendes taunts us.

Scientists have pinpointed a new gene linked to Alzheimer's disease that could help in developing new treatments.

Bloggers cite rumors of U.S. "secret war" on Iran and Syria.

Miss Mandy Michelle featured on Bullz-Eye.com

Ex-Playboy Playmate reveals Playboy mansion secrets... particularly what really happens in the Master Bedroom of Hugh Hefner.

Heaven's Gate: The New Generation.

Speaking of whack jobs, is Tom Cruise luring David and Victoria Beckham into Scientology in exchange for favors of career advancement? What of Cruise making a Scientology movie called the The Thetan where Victoria plays an alien bride of the immortal spiritual super being that inhabits all humans?

It's Summer in South America and Bastardly brings us another part of his famous bikini series.

Don't click this if you are squeamish. The Body Baker makes edible macabre sculptures of body parts out of bread.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Heaven's Gate 2: The Revenge!

I'm going to have to post that!

Bonez said...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The world never lacks for idiots and crackpots.