Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Machinima Music Video and Hypochondriac Nightmares

GMAN SINGS: I'm Still Seeing Breen - A Machinima Music Video

Gina Gershon pictures.

Prominent American Muslim supports 24's depiction of Muslims and calls Muslims to fight the real enemy: Islamism.

"See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time."
(Robin Williams) And other famous quotes on sex.

New climate reports claims rising temperatures will drive millions more to hunger and create water shortages on all continents.

Potential war with Iran an "urban legend"? Or so says White House spokesman Tony Snow but the World isn't buying it.

Jennifer Wolcott and her big, hard, round fake boobies.

Giant robot causes ruckus in rich San Francisco neighborhood.

Pictures of Van Helsing's 19th century vampire slayer tool kit. You won't find this at Wal-Mart.

EnchanteFor the past year I have found myself contemplating my own mortality much more than is probably sane or healthy. I am sure this is one of the hold over effects of my brother's death but that knowledge doesn't keep me from supposing the worst for myself. Sometimes I think I must be a hypochondriac as every day something new seems to pop up that causes me concern and despair that something is horribly wrong with me and my time on earth is nearly up. Of course, the all-knowing doctors tell me everything is just fine and all my tests are normal or even better than normal for "a man my age" (hurumph!). Allegedly, I am just getting older and suffering from stress but damn it, I know I am dying even if I can't convince anyone else of it. Then I get the well-meaning talk about negative thoughts and words bringing about what we fear the most and I get even more concerned which seems oddly and totally counter-productive the the whole negative thought theory. Sheesh, now I am out of breath from this venting... uh oh... is that another sign or symptom?!?

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Anonymous said...

good vids.
i approve.

Bonez said...

Why thanks, SkinnyGuy. Glad to have you knocking around Bonez and enjoying yourself.