Saturday, January 13, 2007

Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance and Orgasmic Science

The Science of Orgasm: Exploring the Mind-Body orgasm and the long misunderstood organ that is the center of human sexuality -- the brain.

British scientists closer to creating hybrid human-animal embryos legally.

Sexy StockingsStuff magazine's Stuffed Stockings pictorial makes stuffing stocking fun.

If Mary Shotwell Little had simply disappeared without a trace, she probably would be forgotten today. However, the mystery of the missing bride still haunts Buckhead.

Forget what the government controlled media has been telling you. There have already been 50,000+ American casualties in Iraq so far.

Natasha MealySpend a few moments with Ms. Natasha Mealy and relax.

Vatican official declares that extraterrestrial contact is indeed real and said contacts are consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology today.

Sexy Air Force Sergeant in big trouble for steamy Playboy pictorial.

Now you can attend M.I.T. for free! All content of the 1,800 courses taught at M.I.T. will be available online to anyone everywhere for free.

New robot can sense and recover from unexpected damage.

Bikini Bandits BedtimeBikini Bandits bedtime: Working hard, or hardly working. Who cares when these sexy bandits share the same bed.

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Anonymous said...

well, to put it bluntly.
i love the blog, random bits of skin, videos, and one would draw the conclusion of you being a braves fan.
ok in my book!

Bonez said...

Thank you, SkinnyGuy for visiting and your favorable comments about Bonez. Yes, I continually experiment with layout and feel of the blog and am never quite satisfied with it. I am always open to suggestions from visitors as to how to improve or ideas on things to include.

As for being a Braves fan... guilty as charged. I have also recently gotten into the spirit of hockey with the Atlanta Thrashers and the Gwinnett Gladiators. The large link banners are gone now but I am thinking of a way to pay homage to my favorite teams and sports without being too gaudy :) Wouldn't want to be accused of being gaudy here at Bonez (snicker).