Monday, January 29, 2007

Sushi Tradition Comedy and Giant Space Banana Over Texas

520 newspaper front pages from fifty-one different countries. Cool to see how big stories play around the world.

Scientists admit to finding extraterrestrial DNA in the human genome.

Raquel WelchSexy blast from the past, Ms. Raquel Welch on retroCRUSH.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff warns of nuclear terrorist threat.

Read the diary of a living skeleton. Anorexic tried to starve herself to death even while pregnant.

Believe it or not: girl of fourteen was a boy until she was 12. The youngest sex change patient in the world.

Scientists say we have ten years to reverse greenhouse gas emissions or face runaway climate change that will leave much of the world inhabitable.

One thousand foot space banana will hover in geostationary orbit over Texas in 2008.

Lika StarRussian pop singer Lika Star with mouth wide open.

The Faces of Meth: Before and After photos of meth addiction.

YouTube diva MaryAnne a.k.a. ysabellabrave sings her heart out. This young woman will be famous one day soon, mark my words.

piecesI have really been jonesin' for a cigarette today. Twenty-nine days clean and still doing well on my New Year's resolution to finally kick the habit. Not a single puff since midnight New Year's Eve, but today was like day one all over again and my body and mind was craving like the sick addict I am. What's up with that? Surely I am beyond most of the physical addiction or need and the urge to smoke has to be primarily psychological in nature. Maybe its the stress in my life. Not a lot I can do about that right now except ride it out (tough tittie said the kitty but the milk's still good). Since my brother was diagnosed with head and neck cancer and I watched him die a slow agonizing death I have felt nothing but guilt and shame for my filthy habit. I have to make it work this time. For the memory of him if not for any other reason. Of course there are a thousand other reasons for me to stay quit but I hold the image of him up whenever the going gets really rough. And today it was really tough, so his smile and laughter was in my heart and mind all day. Thank you, Charles. Thank you for helping me make it through another day.

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