Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taco Town and The Future of Sex

President Bush further proves he's a moron and a heartless lackey pawn of the big oil companies by lifting the ban on Alaskan oil and natural gas drilling and development in the Bristol Bay area. About 5.6 million acres of our richest fishing waters will be endangered.

The truth about aphrodisiac foods. Stock up on the chocolate and oysters.

Nichole HoffmanNichole Hoffman: Voyeur. There's a telescope in the corner of the room, and Nichole Hoffman is watching you.

Lily Munster, Yvonne De Carlo dies of natural causes at the age of 84.

One of the few recognized Master Street Painters in the world, Kurt Wenner creates beautifully detailed original street masterpieces in 3-D, live, before the public. Check out his gallery of other works in sculpture, ceramic, architecture, and more.

More on the discovery of the giant Bosnian pyramids.

Britain considers its first mission to the moon by 2010 looking for the best site for humans to inhabit.

The Future of SexThe Future of Sex brings you to the cutting edge of sex and culture. Hosted by Melissa Gira, of Sexerati.

ABC shuts down blogger who criticized violent rhetoric.

Black men are the focus of a new U.S. HIV drug trial.

The best accidental discoveries... from Viagra to Potato Chips.

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Thanks for the Link to Analog Medium! We returned the favor. You've got lots of great stuff to look at here.

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