Monday, January 22, 2007

UFO Secrets: Black Box Recordings and Fascist Police Brutality

U.S. planned military action against Iran's nuclear program envisions broad attack and all out war. Bush pushing for World War III.

Sex appeal is a hot selling point in Hong Kong's hyper-competitive world of tutoring. Sex appeal is just as important as teaching ability and knowledge and attractive teachers are marketed like movie stars.

Giorgia PalmasMiss World winner Giorgia Palmas.

The Polyphonic Spree: The Quest for the Rest is an interesting interactive adventure game featuring amazing new music from their upcoming album.

Online Myers-Briggs personality test based on Carl Jung's personality types.

YouTube censoring police brutality of war protesters by labeling it as objectionable material and requiring login. I am embedding it here to help get the word out and demonstrate the level of fascism this country has lowered itself to. This is the longer version of the "unnecessary taser use" video. August 20, 2005: young woman is held to the ground and tasered at a counter-recruitment demonstration in Pittsburgh, PA. An older woman is bitten by a police dog and then arrested. Two small children are pepper-sprayed and an M.S. patient is toppled in his motorized scooter.

Olivia Munn: Simply Irresistible.

Mona Lisa's grave found.

Idiot fired for keeping a personal journal on company computer detailing her efforts at avoiding work. She's shocked she was refused unemployment benefits.

Heroes renewed for second season allowing writers to open new possibilities with the story line.

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