Wednesday, January 24, 2007

War Against Third World and the Happiest Man on Earth

CIA covert operations and US military interventions since WWII and what you didn't learn in school and won't hear on the mainstream media.

Selenium supplements slow the progression of HIV infection with no ill side effects.

2006: The year in Vanity Fair photos.

A study by the world's leading experts says global warming will happen faster and be more devastating than previously thought.

Leaders of Scientology say Tom Cruise is the new Christ.

Porn industry may decide the winner between Blue-ray Disc and HD DVD just like they have with previous technologies.

Lots of pictures of celebrities when they were kids. Yes, Angelina Jolie had her famous coveted lips even then.

Scientists to study Buddhist monk to find out what makes him the happiest man on Earth.

Thanks to Ole Blue the Heretic for pointing me to the beautiful photographic artwork of Robert Farnham.

The Thomas Edison myth: Forget what you think you know about this man and learn the truth behind the myths.

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Just trying to help a friend out:-)

I love the new blog format except for one thing.

Please give us your thoughts. We all like the way you think. So...your thoughts? ;-)

Bonez said...

Blue... I am touched and a bit dazzled that anyone would give a ratz arse about my "thoughts" let alone like the way I think :) Thank you. I have had others tell me that they wanted to hear more from my mind versus just becoming a "links" blog but I have shied away from the possibility or some time now. I am not sure how I would incorporate any more of my "real thoughts" into the current format of Bonez but I will consider it. Besides, I thought I was being quite crafty by creating all of my comments into the links ;) Again, thank you so much, Blue for your visits and support since the days of Bad Monkey No Banana.