Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weird America UFOs and Muslim Threats to a Free Society

Robots of the future will be soft and pliable and much more like living things than machines.

Maxim's fifty lamest things of all time... from tiny yapping dogs in handbags to the hideous German-inspired mandals.

Barbara EdenThank you retroCRUSH for keeping the lust-filled memories of Barbara Eden preserved for her millions of fans.

Female orgasms are potential deadly shock and overload for men's brains. What a way to die.

In Georgia, it is illegal to use profanity in the presence of a corpse. That is only a mild example of some of the most insane laws in America diligently listed at Crazytopics.

Modern Girl BEACH

In a cowardly move, Chinese ban Year of the Pig ads to 'show respect to Muslims'. That is taking political correctness and fear of terrorism too far!

Muslim cab drivers refuse service to passengers possessing alcohol or guide dogs. More Islamic bullying of the American public.

Not new news but Washington Post reveals U.S. government is researching mind control.

MTV LesbiansReal Life: British MTV lesbians do their first sexy photo shoot after coming out of the closet.

Mummified man found in the kitchen of his apartment in a sitting position had been dead for six years. Wonder why no one came looking for his rent money?

Alien cryingOkay, I freakin' surrender! I've been asked many times by well-meaning blogging friends to please start back to writing some of my own thoughts instead of letting Bonez become strictly another links blog. Well, I guess it hasn't been obvious that most of what I write here ARE my own thoughts. My intentions are to have all the pictures, videos, news stories and blog links be little pieces of the puzzle of who I am and what interests me. The reader is supposed to draw certain assertions based on what they see here and go, "Ah, that's who this guy is." Of course, they would be absolutely 100% incorrect but it would be a fun exercise anyway. We can never truly know anyone no matter how much circumstantial evidence we accumulate and base our judgments on. Anyway, I will give it a shot and try to jot down a few lines of whatever is on my feeble mind at the moment. Since my brother lost his battle with cancer and I closed down Bad Monkey No Banana as a memorial to him I've not had a lot to say. You see, my writing comes from my heart and soul and not just my head. And when I expose my heart and soul I don't always have things that very many will find of interest and most may find outright depressing. When I write sincerely I come to that door inside of me that's clearly marked "Do Not Open" and behind that door are the remnants of the mourning process I have yet to complete within myself.

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