Friday, January 19, 2007

Zlad! Elektronik Supersonik and Greedy Drug Companies

The ten most manly man fight scenes ever filmed.

New Zealand airport bans billboard with lingerie-clad Jennifer Hawkins clutching stuffed rhino with the caption: "Feeling horny?" Prudes!

Jeri LeeJeri Lee tribute video.

Tech Digest says one in eight men would dump their girlfriends for a free iPod.

Cancer deaths drop for second consecutive year. Early detection and improved treatment credited for the decline.

Sex offenders face hormone injections in 'chemical castration' move by British courts.

A non-toxic molecule soon available as an inexpensive treatment for many forms of cancer. The drug isn't patented, and pharmaceutical companies may not fund research if the treatment won't make them a huge profit.

Videos of seven cool things you can make with simple paper.

Kate Moss underwearKate Moss in her underwear.

The real scientific reason we cannot find Osama bin Laden.

Stephen Hawking states that global warming is more of a threat to mankind than is terrorism.

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