Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beatles: All You Need Is Love and Erotic Vampire Websites

Breakthrough in breast cancer drug that lowers estrogen levels extends survival rates by over 50%.

The top ten aphrodisiacs.

There's nothing sexier than a well read woman. That's the idea behind Babes with Books.

The top ten creepiest fast food mascots. Of course, the crazed psychopath Burger King is number one but who are the other mass murderer looking freaks to make the list?

Drop Dead Gorgeous is provocative genius photographic art of Daniela Edburg. Once you tour her collection you can never eat another Oreo without remembering her.

+MaryAnne (ysabellabrave) sings As Time Goes By.

Power napping improves brain function and physical performance. I knew I was on to something big.

New York man wins one million dollar lottery but will not live to collect it as he's dying of advanced lung cancer. The blogosphere attempts to change NY Lottery commission's mind.

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons turns VW bus into a perfect sphere.

Female church high school teacher operates an erotic vampire website.

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Marloes said...

Hello Tony, who is this wonderful singer that you display so freely? Google isn't very helpful Im afraid!

Bonez said...

Hallo mijn vriend Marloes,

The wonderful singer is none other than the recently "famous" Miss MaryAnne (no known full name yet) who was the rising YouTube star known as ysabellabrave. Hahaha, I know, I know... that doesn't tell you much more than you already knew. Her main site outside of YouTube is ysabellabrave.com where you will find all of her music videos and some video "interviews" that will only make you like her more :)
Thank you, Marloes, for visiting Bonez!

Marloes said...

As always, the pleasure is mine mijn vriend Tony. Thank you for the info. I wasn't aware that there are artists who perform solely on you tube. Cyberzone never stops to amaze me