Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gwen Stefani/Madonna Mashup and Stem Cell Boobs

Afternoon naps cuts the risk of dying from heart attack by sixty-four percent. Another reason corporate America should consider letting employees have power naps after lunch to increase productivity and raise mental agility.

I've always appreciated waterfalls and find them calming and awe inspiring at the same time. The Human Element posts about he Iguassu waterfalls between Argentina and Brazil with video and beautiful images.

Sexy storybook fantasy costumes from Pinup Girl Clothing.Com when you feel like playing.

xRez stands for extreme resolution photography and the detail in these photographs you can zoom in on are absolutely amazing.

Dutch children make coffin for their beloved teacher dying of cancer.

European satellite could discover the "shadows" of extra dimensions.

+MaryAnne (ysabellabrave) sings Swingin' On a Star.

For all us lobster lovers, here is an amazing machine that strips all of the meat out of the shell for you... while the lobster is still alive! Did that lady just faint in the back row of the Bonez theater?

Study shows female gamers have sex more often. Study does not show if the sex is with male gamers.

Stem cells used for breast enhancement in Japan. With that accomplished can the stem cell cure for cancer be far behind?

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