Sunday, February 04, 2007

Laurel and Hardy 1931 and Terror-Free Oil Initiative

The intelligent student's guide to understanding the New World Order (NWO). Learn now who is really controlling your future.

U.S. to launch "eye in the sky" armada capable of tracking every American twenty-four hours a day.

Petra NemcovaPetra Nemcova @ RedBalcony.

Exxon Mobil bribed scientists to critique the major ecological study that shows global warming is indeed man-created with a much worse global impact than first expected. Further crimes against humanity as more George W. Bush criminal cronies are exposed.

Greeks are once again worshiping the ancient deities.

Finally, a real flying car on the market by 2012.

Strange but true interesting real facts.

Exxon is killing the world and making outlandish profits of 40 billion dollars a year with no remorse. Shell and other oil companies also post record profits as the world is held hostage to their evil greed and their manipulation of our governments as they continue to rape the Earth.

The top ten "big brother" companies that are the worst consumer privacy infringers.

China's new space weapon test could endanger astronauts and satellites.

Terror-Free Oil Initiative! Stop financing our own national demise and oil hostage crisis.

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