Thursday, February 08, 2007

Men in Coats and Russian Alien Monsters

(Video) Almost exactly ten years after the original Phoenix Lights UFO incident we get another appearance that conveniently is used by the government and the media to explain away the whole event as purely a military exercise. What a steaming crock of bull dung and so obviously contrived. If they are freakin' aerial flares then why are they all at the same height and never flicker or break formation?

Carol MarikaCarol Marika is the girl next door at Savvy.

Prehistoric lovers locked in eternal embrace found by archaeologists in Verona, Italy.

Hiroshima, the pictures they did not want you to see. WARNING: Disturbing images not for the faint of heart. Very good reference links at the end of the article.

Pictorial evidence of secret weather manipulation and control.

Russian fishermen capture alien monster, film it and then eat it. So, where's the skeleton? Complete with video link.

Dozens of UFOs sighted over Islington, UK. More aerial flares being dropped from aircraft?

Behold, the Nephilim are among us!

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