Thursday, February 01, 2007

SBFP Slab 1 and ysabellabrave +MaryAnne

Iranian schools teach children war preparation and tactics and hatred of Israel and the West. No surprises there.

Bush administration attempted to interfere in global warming scientific research.

Did real giants once possess the land in America? If so, were they human or alien in origin? Do evangelical Christians fight to suppress the truth? (Via Xenophilia)

Weird America: Francis Gabe’s self cleaning house is a video tour of a bizarre house built by a bizarre old woman that will absolutely creep you out.

British scientists uncovering secret medicines used by Egyptians over 5,000 years ago.

Officials of 113 countries agree that global warming report points to human activity as very likely the cause. Now what?

Biblical natural cures for every disease that afflicts humans? God has allegedly laid out a cure from our natural environment. We only have to discover it.

An update on the lovely ysabellabrave +MaryAnne and her "sudden" rise to fame on YouTube. There is debate on if she is another lonelygirl15 who turned out to be a totally fictitious character created to fool the public. However, I don't think such is the case with this young lady. Granted, there is definitely a certain air of mystery surrounding her but that's to be expected in a medium like YouTube. I mean, how much can you truly know anyone let alone a person you see only through what they post on YouTube? She is stirring up the blogosphere with lots of speculative writings such as this "investigative" article by Steve Huff on Blogger News Network which really only deepens the mystery as it points out further interesting aspects of her unique personality. Anyway, ysabellabrave +MaryAnne (I have no idea what to call her besides that for now) has a unique charisma, a special sincerity of passion and a burning vocal talent that will soon be known by millions around the world. I sense this about her just as I sense her own astonishment at the flood of attention she's received in the last few days. Personally, I think she deserves it if only for the fact that she sings beautifully, conveys her emotions through her gestures and facial expressions better than most professional vocal artists and has successfully portrayed herself as a genuine person and not a caricature. So what if she also claims to be a prophetess of God and a wannabe horrorfest queen? I can dig it.

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Excellent post "Bones," check out my autobiography I started. Would be interested in your opinion on some of the things I documented!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice article! I wish there was some way I could 'prove' myself.. but time will tell. I just have to try and be patient. +MaryAnne

Bonez said...

Thank you, EY. I will definitely let you know what I think of your recent work soon. As you know, your opinion on ways to improve Bonez is also always greatly appreciated.

+MaryAnne (a.k.a. ysabellabrave) you are most welcome and I am honored that you have visited my humble blog and took the time to comment. Look, you do NOT have to prove yourself to anyone if you are genuinely who you are. Just keep being yourself and having fun with what's going on and everything will work out. The burden of proof isn't on your shoulders and you don't have to stress over how to convince the world you are who you say you are. The world has been fooled too many times and will be fooled many more in the future... so we/they are quite cynical and untrusting. Plus, you must admit, the trail of "evidence" you've left behind you on the web only adds to the mystery of your current situation :) So, just sit back and enjoy the ride and keep singing and posting and let the "world" figure out on its own if you are "real" or not. It doesn't really matter in the scope of things what the world thinks anyway. What matters is that you are true to yourself and are comfortable in your own skin with what you are doing. Yes, time will tell and all will be revealed but you don't have to worry before then if your heart and intentions are true.

True Crime Weblog Admin (Steve Huff) said...

MaryAnn, you are proving yourself. Just keep doing what you're doing. You do it very, very well.

Tony, thanks for mentioning my article -- especially nice to notice you're a fellow Atlanta-area resident and new fan of MaryAnne's.


True Crime Weblog Admin (Steve Huff) said...

Oh, and my apologies to MaryAnne for leaving the "e" off :P

Bonez said...

Steve, I sincerely appreciate you stopping by Bonez and commenting. I thoroughly enjoyed your article on +MaryAnne and found it both intriguing and informative. I highly recommend it to any ysabellabrave +MaryAnne fan as a good resource for contemplation :)