Saturday, February 03, 2007

Telly Savalas Sings "If" and Global Warming Truth Revealed

World leaders are waking up to the truth that global warming is indeed real and is most likely caused by human activity. Things are going to get much worse more quickly than first assumed. We can turn it around but the entire world has to work together immediately. Any government that does not cooperate 100% should be tried in the world court for crimes against humanity and sentenced to death. Majority of Bush administration should now be imprisoned awaiting trial.

Holly Marie CombsHolly Marie Combs.

Science may yet avert doomsday after all. I have my doubts as long as science struggles with the truths of quantum physics but I won't give up hope.

Sir Richard's Virgin Health Bank may hold stem cell cures of the future.

From NEXUS magazine: The papal office has a record of corruption and criminality over the centuries, and the history of the popes is one of scandals, cruelty, debauchery, reigns of terror, warfare and moral depravity. An interesting three part series begins here.

American experts expect cancer can be defeated by the year of 2017. However, Russian researchers are making impressive headway to make cancer treatment a happier end for more patients before then.

Yale officials banning sex in the showers.

Former World Health Organization head of global program on AIDS says public is intentionally being misled about who is at risk of contracting the disease.

Bonez Follow-up: Farrah Fawcett given cancer clean bill of health for 60th birthday present. Hopes she's inspiration to other cancer victims.

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Markoni said...

Those Holly Marie Combs pics must have required some serious Photoshop work. Ouch!

Bonez said...

Photoshopped? I don't think our trusted Russian source would ever allow photoshopped images (grin). Let's not ruin the illusion for our less informed visitors.