Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boston Legal: Americans Are Not Free! and Agents of Satan

Many thanks to my blogosphere friend, CW Fisher, over at The Apologist for turning me on to the Boston Legal video clip and reminding me that we Americas do NOT live in a free country any longer.

Hot LipsTen things you never knew about sex and probably don't care about.

Christian Warriors: Fighting immodesty, one guilt-inducing erection at a time over at Feministe is a very interesting look at the results of a survey on modesty and morality given to Christian young men along with some of their actual comments. Some of it is hilarious and some of it is down right scary.
[Actual Survey Overview and the Results]

Black Spider-ManThe final Spider-Man 3 movie trailer. It's going to be sweet! And here is the history of Spidey's black outfit just to get you ready for the movie.

Proctor and Gamble, Amway, the Boy Scouts of America and Mormons. Are they all just a bunch of damned undercover agents of Satan?

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Admin said...

Hello Tony thanks for the compliments about Amazing illusions.Ya i will definately keep on bringing lots of fun and great illusions.If you want to discuss anthing about my blog ,please fell free to tell me :)

Unknown said...

YES! Spiderman 3 and the birth of Vennom!

Bonez said...

Hi Santosh and thank you for visiting Bonez. I spent about an hour on your site last night again and revisited some of my favorite illusions and looked for some to feature in future Bonez posts. Keep up the great work and fun of Amazing Illusions.

Ms. Kahealani, there you go impressing me again with your broad social sense, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and diverse interests. Heck, you visit Bonez frequently so that means you have to have a very diverse and open mind [wink]. A woman who looks forward to Spider-Man 3 because of the birth of Venom instead of the romantic elements between Peter and MJ... well, like I said, I'm impressed!

Marloes said...

70% of women would rather eat choclate than have sex.??? where did they get those numbers from, the lunatic asylum?

Bonez said...

I am assuming, Marloes, that the statistics on women, chocolate and sex ratios were gathered by sex-hating chocoholic women who are trying to justify the millions of sexless marriages/relationships.

Marloes said...

* big grin*

Bonez said...

So I'm probably right? Or is it even possible that 70% of women prefer just about anything else (and chocolate is just a good excuse) rather than having sex? What's wrong with having their chocolate WHILE they have their sex? Hey, I'm grasping to try to understand and work with this here!