Thursday, March 15, 2007

Forbidden Planet and Topless Women

U.S. working feverishly to develop new nuke detectors in hopes of preventing radiological materials from entering across the borders. Can "they" stop what some deem as inevitable and circumvent an American Hiroshima?

Scientists find a biological reason for teenagers' insane behavior.

The news that all chocoholics have been waiting for... Cocoa may actually be good for you outside of giving you a natural high. As if I needed another excuse to consume mass quantities of chocolate.

Jason Offutt of From the Shadows gives us Part 2 of his investigative report about a possible UFO base hidden in Jefferson City, Missouri.

I found this clip from "Body Flex II" workout video with Greer Childers over at Random Good Stuff. Her animated antics are supposed to get rid of wrinkles but I find her disturbingly erotic and myself strangely turned on.

Not enough time and not enough money to work out? Stop the excuses and check out the excuse-proof workout. It's free and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Women have the right to be topless in public any where a man can be... as long as you are in New York state. Photographer Jordan Matter defends womens’ rights to take the streets half-naked over at The Thinking Blog.

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Unknown said...

I wonder if the anti wrinkly stuff really works?? ha ha.

Bonez said...

I works for me! :) Give it a shot and let me know the results for you (giggle).

kylebeabo said...

Awesome, the entire Forbidden Planet. I love that movie.

Bonez said...

Thanks Kyle, it is one of my favorite old Sci-Fi classics, too. I'm always looking for videos that help define my interests and share them with my visitors. Keep coming back ... and send a few friends while you're at it :) Take care!