Saturday, March 24, 2007

Girls Saltwater Fishing and Heroes Season Finale

Girls Saltwater Fishing - The most amazing videos are a click away

Former Arizona Governor admits the Phoenix Lights of March 1997 were indeed an alien UFO. Fife Symington, now a pastry chef, presented an aide dressed as an alien 10 years ago to make fun of the frenzy surrounding the mysterious lights in the Phoenix night sky. Now Symington says the lights were actually an alien spacecraft but he wasn't permitted to tell the public then. [CNN Symington interview video.]

Madonna NudeLady Madonna: Forever young and beautiful.

For those of you who've always wanted to know the prevalence of pornography on the internet here are the 2007 Pornography Statistics in all their glaring scientific analysis detail.

One of my favorite haunts, The Thinking Blog has a hilarious video post comparing the U.S. cinema Superman with his Bollywood and Turkish counterparts.

I am pacing the floor waiting for the return of Heroes so inside information like this about the season finale keeps me from going totally bonkers with anxious anticipation.

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Anonymous said...

I really really really really like your blog, Mr. Bonez. I don't know what I will find when I visit and never fail to find some tidbit to capture my interest or expand my thoughts. I sense you are a fine man to know and I am glad you chose to share yourself through your blog. Thank you.

Bonez said...

Thanks Mom... er... I mean... "anonymous" :) Yes, I know you're not really my Mother! She wouldn't be caught dead visiting Bonez. However, I am sincere in my thanks to you for your visits and hope you keep coming back and bringing some friends. Also, feel free to use something less anonymous for your comments... I promise I won't hunt you down and boil your bunny or something weird like that.