Saturday, March 31, 2007

Naked Chocolate Jesus Show Cancelled

Chocolate JesusCosimo Cavallaro's "My Sweet Lord" life-sized anatomically correct (that means he's even got a life-sized exposed penis) naked chocolate Jesus will not be displayed during Holy Week as planned due to massive outcry by Christians. I wonder how much hell would be raised if Cavallaro created a statue of a naked penis-exposed Muhammad on Ramadan?

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Panthergirl said...

What is it with people and Jesus? He couldn't possibly have had kids, and he most DEFINITELY didn't have a penis?

I don't get it. I think the "My Sweet Lord" thing is hilarious and clever!

Bonez said...

Hi Panthergirl!

I agree... well, I don't know about "hilarious" since I am not sure that was the artist's original intent. BUT, I do think that "My Sweet Lord" was a valid artistic expression and not at all "out of line".

Well, besides the fact that the thing didn't look anything at all like the real Jesus because we all know what Jesus really looked like. And, I am sure he most likely had a penis and that it was human and functional and not just window dressing. Plus, it was not unusual for those nasty, perverted, Christian-hating Romans to publicly crucify their victims naked as further humilation and as a warning to all the others to stay in line.

But my final conclusion is that it was/is art and as such should have been protected by the First Ammendment rights of freedom of expression and allowed to be exhibited. However, my other point was that if Cavallaro had done a similar project with Muhammad as his subject that it would have never been allowed to see the light of day for fear of Islamic reprisal.

Political correctness doesn't usually apply to Christians no matter how much stink they raise since they are so mamby pamby turn the other cheek kind-o-folks and not feared as terrorists. Thus they are fair game for public ridicule and mockery but we must distance ourselves from the Muslims because if you piss them off someone is liable to get killed.

I used the post to make several points and you definitely picked up on the idea so I am glad I conveyed something to someone other than myself :)