Saturday, March 31, 2007

OK Go - Do What You Want

The more I see these guys the more I like them. OK Go with Do What You Want in a visually stimulating video that involves a lot of wallpaper and a large contingent of Los Angeles' most talented weirdos.
OK Go Official Web Site / OK Go MySpace

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Zep said...

They are pretty popular now and that's just fine! They really derve this! I wrote about a video they made in July 2005 - you know: before YouTube and GoogleVideo were around they already tried to produce viral videos - now that's trendy!
o.k. go in the backyard

Bonez said...

Hi Zep and thank you for visiting Bonez and leaving a comment. Your support and interaction are greatly appreciated.

I started my search for OK Go's CDs this weekend but am even more interested in findind a DVD of all their music videos.

Zep said...

There are only three, as far as I know. Backyard, treadmill and tapestry, but simply check their shop, they seem to be planning a DVD, not here yet...
Ok Go's shop