Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Professor Advocates Termination of 90% of the Human Race

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseUniversity of Texas professor Dr. Eric R. Pianka (also known as the Lizard Man but we can call him Dr. Doom) advocates the only feasible way to save the world is to reduce human population by 90%. He favors an airborne Ebola virus to do the job since it is such a quick and efficient killer.

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Anonymous said...

Which illustrates beautifully how logic and compassion can walk along on opposite sides of a fence, never the twain meeting.
He's right, of course. And he's also monstrously wrong.
There is a third way, though. Going between the horns of each argument. It involves getting off this planet, getting our eggs out of this single solitary basket.
Sometime kinda soon would be nice.

Bonez said...

I'm with you in the fact that I have a strong belief in mankind's ability to continue to evolve and adapt. We must shoot for the stars... or... what about other or alternate dimensions?

Anonymous said...

I've decided I'll support his plan, as long as I get to pick who goes first. When will the Texas Academy of Science have its next meeting? I think the audience there would make grand subjects to experiment on, just to make sure Ebola is efficient enough, don't you?

How sad that some of the supposedly "best and brightest minds" can't come up with more workable solutions. Got a problem? Give up. How scientific is that?

Bonez said...

Skeet, through reseaching this post I found there are actually a group of people who have advocated the eradication of excess population for a very long time. Their alledged agenda is to come up with a means to do so and in their minds this will be "saving the world". Um, saving the world? What about saving the freakin' people?!? Of course, the main reason one of these psychos haven't done the dirty deed is because they are probably still trying to figure out how they can be one of the ten percent that doesn't get killed off. And you know what? Ebola is a real horrible way to die and agonizing even if it is over in a few days. It essentially dissolves all your internal organs and you turn into a gooey mess of blood and rotting tissue. Yeah, that's a real humane way to exterminate the masses.