Monday, March 19, 2007

Ralatak and the Icelandic Elf School

You on a Diet: forget the scales and measure your waist instead.

Finally, something good about getting old. A brothel in Germany is giving fifty percent discounts to senior citizens and business is booming.

Are the al-Qaeda Nazi-like in their ambitions to purge the world of infidels?

View the 24x7 webcam of the world's only corn palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. That's right CORN PALACE. Made totally of corn and grains sort of like those Rose Bowl Parade floats.

Get your degree at the The Icelandic Elf School.

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Marloes said...

Dear Tony, how on earth do you manage to find all these treasures? I hardly have time to read let alone search for new stuff.

Bonez said...

Hi Marloes! Yeah, time is a precious commodity for me, too, but I make a special effort on my blogging as it is sort of a therapy device of mine. I just like sharing things I've found on the net in hopes that there may be at least a single tidbit of information that someone else would appreciate.