Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ryan VS Dorkman 2 and Nuclear Nightmares

RvD2: Ryan VS Dorkman 2 is the epitome of Star Wars fan lightsaber battles. These two talented young men do the fantasy justice and make for a very entertaining choreographed fight scene that would be the envy of every real fan. YouTube hosed the sound and graphic quality but you can download a much better, higher resolution version at Stage6 DivX by clicking here.

Animated ShortLaboratory 101 compiled for us their list of the twenty most amazing animated short films we need to see before we die. I have to agree with a lot of them and there are a few surprises, as well. You definitely need to visit and check them out so you can die knowing you've finally done and seen it all.

The Dutch are already the tallest people on Earth and are getting even bigger.

Drinking a glass of wine every day can help you live longer.

From the Shadows investigates if a secret extraterrestrial base exists in (of all places) Jefferson City, Missouri.

Nuclear NightmaresNuclear Nightmares: Twenty Years Since Chernobyl. Photographs by Robert Knoth and reporting by Antoinette De Jong. You will never be the same again.

Dark Roasted Blend reminds us that Nuns are people too and they like to have fun and play with guns. Nuns with Guns... get it?

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Unknown said...

The light saber fight was cool! I liked the choreography, music and setting.

Bonez said...

Hi Kahealani (is that Hawaiian?). Thank you for visiting Bonez and for adding Bonez to your sites blogroll. I will return the favor asap especially since I am a huge fan of 24, Jack Bauer and Keifer Sutherland.