Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and a Life-Size Blue Whale

Instead of paying the high price of store-bought bath salts I am going to start making my own with the assistance of wikiHow. Can my own creation of bath beads, bath fizz bombs and herbal soaks be far behind?

The U.S. could be facing a severe shortage of cancer doctors (oncologists) as the population lives longer with disease because of advancements in treatments.

pin up blondeMore women love to dress up as pin-up models for their mates and their own pleasure. Could the phenomena be partially attributed to Anna Nicole Smith?

Science hopes to change events that have already happened by sending signals into the past.

Internet porn star's parents proudly support her as her biggest fans and top paid employees. This ABC video shows what a prime dorkmeister her Dad is as he tries too hard to convince everyone of his sincerity.

"Surprising activity" discovered under Yellowstone that leads researchers to believe the supervolcano continues even more rapidly on to its path of eventual eruption.

The internet's first life-sized photo of a blue whale that allows you to scan it's entire body. You need to check it out since it could be the last life sized blue whale you may ever see.

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