Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sock Monkey Love and Exploding Head Syndrome

Tired of being lonely, Maurice the Sock Monkey mail orders the love of his dreams, an Acme "Hot Hen". Little does he know that this bucket of bolts will prove to be more of a headache than a heart-throb.

OMG! I got myself some kinky Link Love today from The NextPost and I am all gooshie with Linkie Lovie warm and fuzzies. I'm not sure if it is contagious but I am gonna try and spread it around. The NextPost is the kind of blog that Bonez wants to be when it grows up.

EuroYank tickles our minds with his thoughts on the coming of American fascism and gives all citizens pause to think.

University of Illinois Girls of Engineering calendar was started four years ago and is still fun for those interested in checking out geek babes wearing bathing suits and lingerie.

Robots Y Chicas or RoboPornRobots y chicas o la erotica del robot at Fogonazos. Learn more about robot fetishism or technosexuality here.

Are you suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome?

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Unknown said...

what a cute video.

Bonez said...

Well, I've been known to do "cute" from time to time but I usually have dark ulterior motives for doing so. Thanks for visiting and supporting Bonez!