Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weird Al Yankovic - Trapped in the Drive-Thru

"Trapped in the drive-thru" by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Video animated and directed by Doug Bresler, additional artwork and animation Daniel Shiriwastaw, additional layouts by Autumn Frederickson. A DOOGTOONS Production
Copyright 2007 Volcano Entertainment III, LLC.

[Here's a link to the original Bonez post of Weird Al's White and Nerdy which is far better than Trapped in the Drive-Thru.]

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Anonymous said...

Okay, twenty-some years ago he was funny. Now he's just ... not. I kept waiting for it to get decent, but I think old Al has lost his touch.

Bonez said...

Skeet, Weird Al missed it with this one... at least in my opinion. I think it may be because we don't know the song he's spoofing this time. I do not agree that Al is down and out on his funniness factor or has lost his laugh mojo. The man is a diabolical comedic genius and is very under appreciated. No, I am not the president of the Weird Al Yankovic fan club, but I will not sell Al down the river for one irritating let down of a music video. And hey, what about his "White and Nerdy" music video. I love that one! It's here on Bonez somewhere so I may dig it up again and feature it just to counter this one.