Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Andrew Thompson - We're in Business

Never trust robots! [Found at inkblot earth]

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Bonez said...

Um...ok, thank you Foolish. I think. I checked out your links/sites and didn't see any reference to Bonez so I am not quite sure I understand (and hope this isn't spam). Please feel free to contact me at awoconnor@gmail.com if you would like to have a link on Bonez and will provide a link back from your site(s).

Anonymous said...

Tony, you are such a nerd!
I love that, thank you for this wonderful song, it somehow touches me deep inside, I feel enlightened: That's exactly what I feel, too!
...I'm feeling so free now...

Bonez said...

Hahahaha, Zep, you ol' kidder you. Yeah, I sort of got uplifted myself especially when the robot wanted to attack the hero with a blow dryer :)

Marloes said...

I don't get it....:o(

Bonez said...

Hey Marloes... don't worry, it is pure silliness in a Weird Al Yankovic sort of way. I don't know that there's really anything to get except to have a giggle or two.