Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cloud Cult - Pretty Voice

Starts a bit rough but stay with it for a great live performance.
Cloud Cult's Official Web site

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Anonymous said...

Hey -thank you again for this link. I think I'll actually BUY their album! Written in times of torrents.

Bonez said...

Hi Zep. Yes, I am planning on doing the same myself, just like I have done with the Ditty Bops, OK Go and others. I'm sort of sharing my personal musical quest with Bonez readers and I like it when someone else actually agrees with me from time to time.

Marloes said...

I tried buying the Ditty Bops in one of our chainstores. The girl looked at me as if I were insane..
I try bol.com and Im going to try and find this one too. Great voices and I love the song.