Monday, April 09, 2007

The Ditty Bops - Skinny Bones

The Ditty Bops perform "Skinny Bones" in-studio at The Current.
[Visit Amanda and Abby at The Ditty Bops Official web site]

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Markoni said...

The woman singing with Amanda (and not playing an instrument) is Jesca Hoop ( There are three downloadable songs on her web site and all of them are excellent (IMHO) although not really the same genre as the Ditty Bops. She has a seven song demo EP for sale for $5 plus shipping.

Bonez said...

Thanks for info on Jesca Hoop, Markoni. I will check out more of her stuff online to see if it may also be Bonez-worthy post fodder :) I've got some new talent I've found on my own that will be making an appearance soon.