Saturday, April 21, 2007

Iron Man Movie Coming Soon

Iron Man SuiteI was a fan of Iron Man before the appearance of his own comic book title at Marvel. I dreamed of a live action movie about Tony Stark, the man behind the armor, and now that may come true. Thanks Quit Your Day Job for the post.

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Lee said...

Hey no problem at all Tony! Happy to spread the Iron Man word!! And thanks for the mention - ya just got added to the blogroll!

Tony said...

Wow, being added to your blogroll is quite an honor because your site is a class act and I will gladly link back to it from my blogroll, too. Keep up the great work, Lee, and know you've got another fan.

Zep said...

The Ironman! A teenie's wet fantasy: Having the perfect armor!
I love the Ironman too - but I am alittle afraid of the movie. But I really liked the Ultimate version - do you know it?

Tony said...

If you are referring to the Marvel Ultimates comic book and graphic novel series, then yes, I am very familiar with it, Zep. In fact, I have several graphic novels sitting beside me now I am working through. Some of them are the House of M storyline and some are the Ultimates of Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Spider-Man.