Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Keith Richards Snorts Father's Ashes

Keith RichardsRolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards bragged about snorting his father's ashes mixed with cocaine. Another celebrity proves once again that you can be an idiotic loser no matter how much fame and money you have.
UPDATE: Richards now claims he was joking about snorting his Daddy's ashes. So, he's not only a burned out addict but he's also lousy with jokes. I still think he did it.

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Marloes said...

You are right Bonez, we do seem to agree on a lot of stuf. This guy's brain is so far gone, Im amazed he still remembers how to breath.
Im going to amamze you some more later today

Bonez said...

Hahaha, if breathing were not an involuntary action I am sure Keith would be in trouble for sure. I look forward to your surprise, Marloes.

Marloes said...

* Sigh* I really, really need to check my postst before hitting publish...Darn those typo's