Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Russians Built Nazi UFOs to Stop US Nukes

Russian UFOUFOs armed with cannons and are impervious to 23mm shells? Only those crazy Russians could come up with such a goofy story about stolen Nazi UFO plans built to destroy U.S. B-29 bombers carrying nukes to Moscow.

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Anonymous said...

"And all the evidence lies there - at the bottom of the sea..."

The legend of Hitler's ufos was invented in the fifties. There are NO first-hand historical documents about saucer-shaped planes by the Germans.

Revisionist invented that - see Holocaust denier Z√ľndel for example.

Bonez said...

Well, the brunt of the article is about the 50's which is probably a good guesstamation as to the time lapse between the end of the war and the emergence of the Nazi-based UFOs flying experimental flights over Russia. That would have given the designers and engineers (hold it... the engineers were killed by the Nazis to prevent them from doing just that) time to reconstruct their experiences into operational plans for their Russian saviors/overlords :) Of course, I haven't posted a disclaimer statement on Bonez in a long time but I am not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of anything I post and will flounder miserably under pressure to defend or refute even the simpliest rebuttal. That being said, as long as the author didn't try to convince me that the craft were piloted by Siberian Yetis who were the genetically altered alien hybrids from the embryonic cells of a John Wayne clone then I will probably believe it... or at least, enjoy it as something worthy of the World News.