Sunday, May 06, 2007

Art Frahm - Celery and Dropping Panties

The dropped panty pinup artwork of Art Frahm in the 50's is still considered by some to be too campy to be art and too juvenile to be erotic. James Lileks' humorous analysis of Frahm's works points to the absurd recurring fetishes like celery and leering men that makes Frahm's works so fun.


Panthergirl said...

That was a great site... what a bogus artist! It was hilarious to read the analysis of his "work". Not only juvenile, but technically inept as well. Very funny stuff.

Bonez said...

Thanks for the visit, Panthergirl. Yes, Frahm's ineptness is obvious and I think his use of the dropping panties and celery are all ways of diverting the viewer from that. His style is similar to Norman Rockwell's but he didn't quite have the same degree of talent and chose to compensate by creating almost a genre unto itself. I don't think he was very proud of his work since I doubt "Art Frahm" is/was his real name... Art Frame?