Saturday, May 12, 2007

Honey Therapy Can Prevent Diabetic Amputations

Honey BeeYet another reason to be concerned over the declining honey bee population. Honey could be a potent and natural antibiotic to treat wounds and ulcers that develop from poor circulation and save diabetics from amputation.

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Anonymous said...

I was reading somewhere that the mobile phone transmissions could be causing the decline in bee numbers or at the very least contributing. Makes sense to me but it's probably something they're going to have to adapt to rather than us changing our ways *sigh*.

Bonez said...

I understand that there have been cyclic die offs of honey bees over the years and that even more have died in the past and then come back than now. However, the past die offs didn't have the marvel of modern communications and sensationalistic journalism to throw fear into the hearts and minds of the general population. I would think that the primary culprit is the rising toxic pollution of our environment and use of pesticides. That makes much more sense to me. Or even a virus or honey bee eating parasite.