Thursday, June 07, 2007

10 Almost Sexy Album Covers

UnSexy Album CoversThe In-Sect is at it again tantalizing his fans with his choice of bizarre "near-sexy" album covers. Most are 60's and 70's-ish and most are outright frightening (in a funny way). If you think the Herbie Mann cover at the left is bad, wait till you see his other selections.

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Zep said...

Thanks for the linklove! If I comment here, as a co-author, does that erase my guest status. Can I not comment to Bonez anymore?

Bonez said...

Dude, you are welcome as co-author and as a guest anytime. Sort of like the hair club for men... :) In fact, I've already commented on a few of the other co-author's posts so feel free to get in knee-deep and have fun!