Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Ukraine

There was some sort of European American Idol-like contest for funniest or worst musical groups on the planet and this was the one that won from the Ukraine. I love it!

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Eric V. said...

That European American idol-like contest you describe is actually the annual Eurovision Song Contest. A musical competition better known in Europe for its monumentally tasteless acts that have gradually come to dominate the event. It's the contest that launched Abba onto the world's stages 30 odd years ago with their hit Waterloo, but which has since degenerated into a meaningless and embarassing contest amongst the new European countries to see who can come up with the most camp acts. By the looks of the line up this year, you would think that the contest is only open to transvestite acts. A few years ago it was quite amusing but the novelty here in Europe has now worn off.

Bonez said...

Personally, I think that American Idol is a joke, too. It too has degenerated into a joke of itself. I find it (and most "reality TV") to be akin to the same sort of entertainment as "wrasslin'" or Professional Wrestling. Of course, I don't rate Nascar much higher.

Marloes said...

@ Eric...hear hear! I coulnd't have said it better myself if I tried.