Friday, June 08, 2007

Excellent piece by blogger CW Fisher on Ron Paul and the mainstream media.

The image above links to the youtube video. The text below links to Fisher's excellent article.

"The fact that Dr. Paul is the only candidate of either party to consistently vote in strict accordance with the constitution throughout his ten terms in the House makes him the only candidate qualified to undo its vivisection."

While the media continues to ignore him, the Web is paying rapt attention. His crossover appeal is enormous. After the second debate, Fox viewers vaulted him to the number one position immediately -- with 27% in a field of ten -- and this figure, in subsequent weeks (once his message had a chance to percolate on YouTube), has now risen above 60 percent.

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Bonez said...

A very influential presentation and he is the only Republican I would consider voting for at this point. Of course, I don't see any clear Democratic candidate, either. Our two party system and the whole election process sucks!

CW FISHER said...


Not only does our election process suck, it blows. This is what they mean when they say we live in a vacuum.

Go to ronpaul2008 and download signs and buttons.

Bonez said...

I wonder if Ron Paul has a chance to get the Republican nomination. I don't see him as winning if he runs as an independent or as a write in candidate. The American voter is far too lazy, uninformed and like sheep led astray. I am sure he chose the Republican party as his best chance to be in the race.