Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gnarls Barkley's Crazy Via Theremin Jam

What is a theremin? Can you believe this beautiful electronic instrument was created by a young Russian physicist, Léon Theremin, back in 1919? This video is an experiment but this video is a hauntingly beautiful and melodic classic created by Masami Takeuchi.

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CW FISHER said...

My son plays theremin. I keep telling him to double track with slide guitar. I've messed around with it too. It's almost impossible not to start out playing the theme to Outer Limits.

Bonez said...

It is so freaky and yet so attractive to me. I want to try one so bad. I understand the hand touching the loop but I can't figure out the cupped hand making the sound variations. Is it played totally by ear?

Dr. Pu Dinglebary said...

GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!?!?!??! Have you not heard that Dr. P. Dinglebary INVENTED the Theremin!?
And Tony..... CW fisher..... It was my fault for making the annoying outer limits theme song.
Shouldnt I be famous or something?

Bonez said...

Um, Dr. Pu Dinglebary? I didn't know you invented the Theremin so my Wikipedia sources must be incorrect about it being a Russian scientist. Of course, as you are immortal you may have had a different name and could have actually been the Russian in question. Yes? I love the Outer Limits theme song! Doc Pu, you rock, Dude!