Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hamas TV Kills Mickey Mouse Rip-Off Farfur the Terrorist Mouse

Hamas Mickey Mouse"Farfur was martyred while defending his land," said the teen presenter of the controversial weekly Hamas TV children's show, Tomorrow's Pioneers. "He was killed by the killers of children" who was an actor posing as a "terrorist" Israeli official trying to buy/steal Farfur's land.

Bonez first posted here about this barbaric, low-life, inhumane, brainwashing, child abuse and Disney trademark infringement. Since Farfur's image was a blatant and perverse rip-off of Disney's Mickey Mouse, I see an even more twisted and sinister message in his life and contrived demise. Good riddance rabid rodent!

Until the world operates from a position of peace and love instead of fear and hatred nothing is going to change. Indeed, things will continue to worsen until we are all drowned by the blackness of our combined fear.

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Dr. Pu Dinglebary said...

Wow, Im glad im immortal! cause im scared of a giant Mickey Mouse with an Ak-47!

Bonez said...

Farfur was scary because his words were more powerful than an AK-47. His hate-filled diatribes polluted young minds and stirred the boiling pot of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, thus ensuring another generation of innocents were set on the course of destruction. We should be sending postive, life-building messages of hope and peace to the world's youth. Not preaching hated and fear and revenge. As long as Palestinians and other Arab and/or Muslim countries hold to their agendas of fear, death, destruction, hatred, and cowardice there will not be a chance for peace in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

so this is the perfect chance for non-muslims to riot and have it legitimized by the media right?

Bonez said...

Not sure what you are referring to "anonymous". Nothing in the post advocates rioting or legitimizing anything. In fact, just the opposite... it advocates peace and love and understanding as a means toward peaceful coexistence. Please, correct me if I am wrong or have not made my point clear enough here.