Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sin City Breakfast Tacos

Robert Rodriquez, director of Sin City, Grindhouse, Spy Kids and more teaches us how to cook up deliciously mean breakfast tacos from scratch using his grandmother's recipe. "Once you learn how to make this you will crave it every day and every night for the rest of your life." ~ RR

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Dr. Pu Dinglebary said...

(sniff) (sniff)....... mmmmmmmmm
You know back in my day say around 1900 or so, my mom would wake me up with the sweet sensation of the smell of a delicious breakfast taco!!!!
I wish I had Robert Rodriguez as a mom. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..
Uh... maybe that was a little awkward?

Bonez said...

I can almost smell the delicious aroma of your Mom's breakfast tacos wafting up to your bedroom, Dr. Dinglebary. Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood and that your mother was more than a match for the maternal insticts and cooking skills of Robert Rodriguez. So, don't covet him as your Mom... God rest her soul...

Dr. Pu Dinglebary said...

Thanks, Tony, I wish she was there when i had made myself immortal.

so lonely no one to talk to. You know what?! I should get that stuffed monkey!!!

Bonez said...

Dr. Dinglebary, we miss you at Bonez and hope you are well and enjoying your immortal adventures. If you ever feel you have enough time... what am I saying?!? You've got all the time in the frickin' world! Your fakkin' immortal, Dude!!! Um... er.. . ok... nevermind. As I was saying, the whole Bonez Crew misses you and hope to see your return to blogging some day. You always have us to talk to so don't ever feel lonely, man, we are here for you. And I sincerely think the Bonez Crew is much better company than a stuffed monkey... most of the time.