Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Speed Racer on the big screen in 2008!

The 1960's anime classic Speed Racer is coming to the big screen with some big names -- Emile Hirch as "Speed Racer", Christina Ricci as "Trixie", Susan Sarandon as "Mom Racer", John Goodman as "Pops Racer" and Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard from ABC's Lost) as Racer-X, directed and co-produced by the Wachowski Brothers (the Matrix trilogy). This may be the first G-rated film in a few decades that I will actually go to a theater to see!

A high-rez image of the Mach 5 suitable for just about any resolution desktop is also available.

Oh, and check out the Dexter's Laboratory parody "Mock 5" from 1997. If you remember the original Speed Racer from the 60's, this spoof is hilarious!

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