Monday, June 04, 2007

Women Lure Online Strangers to Buy Them Boobs

Buy BoobsMyFreeImplants.Com is still active and helping women milk (pun intended) money from online strangers through flirtatious messages and photos. I posted on this almost exactly one year ago here on Bonez.

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Marloes said...

So what do they promise in return? Shares?A free feel?

Bonez said...

Um, not sure what is promised and it probably varies from candidate to candidate. I have seen mostly pictures and flirtatious e-mails or summaries. I wonder what kind of men contribute their money to such things? There has to be some sexual undercurrent to their motivations.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you obviously did not really "talk" to any of these women on the site. Maybe you didn't get any attention on the site, so you are upset it. Hhmm...I'm just not sure what you are so upset about. Sadly, a lot of women who go to the site think they need to provide nude pictures, which is not true at all. However, it doesn't hurt. Nothing is promised to the benefactors in return for donations. Sometimes though, the woman will send a sexy picture anyway as a "thank-you". Most of the women are not doing things they are ashamed of. If they are ashamed of what they do--they should get off the site. You wonder what kind of men contribute to the site...well, I have made many friends on the site and I can tell you these are REAL men---not freaks looking for pornographic pictures on the internet! These are guys that message you every morning just to tell you to have a good day. They are single and married, as well as the women. My husband knew all about the site. He LOVED the fact that someone else was going to pay for my implants. He knows that men look at me all the time off the site anyway---so he didn't mind if they looked at me on the site. It did not bother him a bit. Anyway, just wanted to let you in on a little of what goes on here--I really think you may have the wrong impression, that only joining the site will fix. I say join the site--but give it a month. You will change your mind completely--and you will have made some great friends. By the way, I am an MFI success story. I made my goal on April 29, 2007 and will be receiving my implants on July 18th. You can find my profile by searching "Casey".

Bonez said...

Thank you, Casey, for visiting Bonez and leaving your comments from the perspective of a successful MFI participant. I found your words very interesting, quite informative as well as verifying and supporting my post's original intent and conclusions. I was never "upset" and don't see any reference to such an emotion in any of the posts or comments on this subject.

Best of luck for your upcoming surgery.