Sunday, July 01, 2007

Amped for the Transformers Game

Even though I am over 112 years old I still think video games are the best entertainment in the world. Being immortal has its advantages and I have owned every video gaming system since they were first conceived. In fact, I invented the video game myself. Since I have no need for fame or money I gave the idea to a nerd named William Higinbotham in 1957. He foolishly never applied for a patent since he never thought the idea would take off and lost the rights. Dimwit! I'm glad he's not an immortal.

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E said...

The game is great until you transform. Call me crazy, but I would think a being that spends HALF OF ITS LIFE in the form of a car, helicopter, dessert cart, etc. would actually be skilled at manuevering in said form. Not in this game, though. Bumblebee is perpetually drunk and sliding all over the road. Blackout is popping uppers and snorting meth judging by how touchy he is when flying. *sigh*