Friday, July 06, 2007

Bonez Friday Surf Mania

cadaver autopsyCynical-C Blog found some cadaver dissection videos for those of us who like to explore the science of human anatomy.

Sidewalk ArtCrooked Brains by Venus collects some of that marvelous sidewalk 3-D artwork that fascinates me.

Junk Shadow Artthe New Shelton wet/dry is an interesting work of art by itself. However, I believe you will find the shadow art cast by piles of trash to be worth the look.

Fall of DemocracyEuroYank wants to wake up Americans to the fact the mainstream media has been complacent in reporting the truth on issues vital to the survival of democracy.

StormtrooperI could spend all day at Random Good Stuff and posts like How Stormtrooper Got His Groove Back are why.

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E said...

Wow! Nice dissection videos! I have not seen those before. I used to have a really nice book on human dissection but it disappeared on me.

Bonez said...

Hi E. Thought I had sent you the link earlier since I knew this would be right up your alley ;)