Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter, Real Dolls and Comic Strip Prophecies

WindEveryone and everything has a purpose and what a wonderful thing when we each discover what ours is. This guy will touch your heart as you watch this Euro commercial.

Real DollBoys and their toys or Guys and Dolls. Take a peek into the lives of people who buy and cohabit with the lifelike Real Doll sex dolls in this NSFW video. The documentary picks a few societal rejects to make their biased negative point but it didn't change my mind about wanting one.

Harry PotterGeeks of Doom gave me the final incentive I needed to read the Harry Potter books from the beginning. Their extensive seventeen page list of the differences between book five and the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix show me that I've been missing a lot. I am beginning book one this weekend!

1952 ComicIs it possible that a comic strip artist predicted the insanity of the Bush/Cheney fascist regime in 1952? Check out Politics After 50 and find out "it's never too late to be pissed off."

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