Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lookie What I Found

El presents us with a video revealing the secrets of the legendary mythical advanced civilization of El Dorado.

9 Billion Miles from EarthNine Billion Miles from Earth is a game that simulates an old B-grade sci-fi movie brought to us by Random Good Stuff.

Air CarA car that runs on compressed air and costs under $13,000? See it at Got2BeGreen since you will not see it in the U.S. as we love our slave bondage to foreign oil too much.

Old Creepy AdsOld creepy ads at Weirdomatic.Com makes you wonder what the **** were they thinking or drinking or smoking when they came up with them. a lifestyle blogzine featured some very creative and entertaining photography sure to make you pause and think from surrealist artist Chema Madoz.

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E said...

The advertisement with the pig slicing itself into sausage is incredible. Right-click, save as. ;)

Bonez said...

Didn't you like the maniacle clown that looked like he had blood drooling from his lips?